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Audio is the new learning, we at TheDummySwitch understand that reading the length books is not everyone's thing so we came up with a solution to that, The Podcast. Learn highly qualified topics by listening to audio all for free.

Web Application and Software Architecture

We’ll learn about various architectural styles such as the client-server, peer to peer decentralized architecture, microservices, the fundamentals of data flow in a web application, different layers involved, concepts like scalability, high availability & much more.


Modernize way of Learning

Why to read books when you can just listen and understand in a better way than before.

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S1 E3


This episode is a deep dive into scalability. It covers all the frequently asked questions on it such as: what does scalability mean in the context of web applications, distributed systems or cloud computing? Etc.

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S1 E2

Web Architecture

Web architecture involves multiple components like database, message queue, cache, user interface & all running in conjunction with each other to form an online service.

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S1 E1

Different tier in Software Architecture

I’ll begin the season by discussing different tiers involved in the software architectural landscape. This is like a bird’s eye view of the realm of software architecture & is important to be understood well.

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